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God’s Word to People

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Bibles For The World is a catalyst for individual
and cultural transformation through
Christ and the power of God’s Word








God’s Word

God’s Light

God’s Love

bible distribution around the world


the core mission of bibles of the world is the giving of hope. god’s love for us compells us to give bibles to people in need. by reaching them in thier native language we help people understand the love of christ and the transforming power of the gospel.

bible giving program People like you have provided tens of millions of people with God’s Word in their own language.

christian education is changing india

education spurs knowledge. christian teaching spurs obedience. through our 30 private christian schools in india, thousands of children are receiving an education that will forever change thier lives as well as the culture of indian.
You can find great satisfaction in sponsoring children and students who benefit from Christian education at all levels.

GOD’S LOVE through medical care

Jesus served both the soul and the body during his minsitry on earth. We are doing the same by operating the Sielmat Christian hospital where people in poverty throughout northeast India through our Sielmat Christian Hospital and Mobile Medical Clinics.


Bibles For The World works in areas where there is restricted access to God’s Word, where copies are scarce or among peoples where Christianity is beginning to take root — such as Nepal, Cambodia, areas of India and other Asian and SE Asian nations. We often provide copies of the New Testament or Gospels of John, like the ones pictured at right.

countries served

Bible Donated since 1960

Bibles For The World Blog

How can we be saved?

Genesis 4:25-26 Adam made love to his wife again, and she gave birth to a son and named him Seth, saying, God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him. Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time people began to call on the...

Is life an aimless journey?

Genesis 4:9 Then the Lord said to Cain, Where is your brother Abel? I don’t know, he replied. Am I my brother’s keeper? Cain’s sarcastic reply showed that he was completely unrepentant. He had no sorrow for sin, nor any regret for what he had done. He hardened his...

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“Placing God’s Word in the hands of people where Bibles are scarce or completely unavailable is the challenge we face.  Completing the Great Commission is dependent upon people having access to the Gospel”

 John L. Pudaite – President & CEO, Bibles For The World

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